Monday, March 31, 2014

Make Up Brushes Deep Clean

      I haven't given my brushes the deep clean they deserve for a while now and I felt they needed a good wash to get them back to freshly bought quality again. I use BlenderCleanser which is designed for the BeautyBlender which I use on and off, but also make up brushes like the above. The top photos show them all fresh and cleaned and the one above shows just how bad my large stippling brush (it says it's kabuki but I tend to think of those as powder mushroom brushes) had become. I treated my four main brushes which I use most often : Ecotools flat foundation brush, Bobbi Brown foundation brush, Real Techniques stippling brush and my Ecotools Kabuki brush.
     The BlenderCleanser is a thick product which smells powerfully but I've become accustomed to it now. It is really effective to keep pouring on and gets right to the middle bristles which are hardest to reach and when combined with water shows you just how much excess foundation gets absorbed into the brush. I have vowed to deep cleanse more often as the brushes really benefit from the care and it is an incredibly satisfying feeling to line up white tipped brushes on a window sill to dry and feel as though you've just purchased a brand new set.

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