Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Tropic Lash Extension Kit

     Tropic is a brand run by Susan Ma, who some of you may recognise from The Apprentice; although she did not win, Lord Sugar took an interest in her company resulting in a 50/50 partnership between the two in 2011. I discovered the brand at a Tropic evening held by an ambassador for Tropic who showed us all the products in their collections and I came away with this Lash Extension Kit, £25 and the Skin Revive Moisturising Cream, £20.
     This kit involves three steps with two brushes. The fixing gel acts as a normal mascara (though gooier) and the second brush is packed with black fibres which are brushed on and stick to the gel, giving a longer and more feathery lash look. The gel is then used as the third step to re-seal although I only use this on my top lashes as it is far too sticky to use on my bottom line and the hassle of each blink glueing together is not worth it.
     I've seen amazing results from this : it's like using false eyelashes but without the effort or TOWIE look. The end result is wispy lashes which are full and with the added layers remain strong and in place for day and night.