Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Saviour Lip Balms

At this time of year, and especially in the Winter, I always find my lips get really dry and chapped through the day, from the cold outside and the central heating in the house, so having a good quality, moisturising lip balm is crucial for me. These two have been my preferred ones this season and I aquired them through my BirchBox subscriptions, which I love! I won't go into too much detail about them but BirchBox is a company that sends monthly beauty boxes to its costumers with 5 or 6 products samples in, one of which is full sized. You can find its website here, where most of the products are available on its e-shop.
The first balm is the Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment by Fresh Inc., which I got in my January BirchBox. It is really long lasting and seals lips against the harsh winter conditions but what makes this unique for me is the great tint in it which enhances my natural lip colour to give a light crimson tone which looks very natural  as it is a balm, but gives a bit more colour to the face. It leaves my lips a lot softer and lasts for about 3-4 hours. Also, there is a SPF of 15, which quite frankly is an added bonus to a really useful product.

My second lipbalm which I have used pretty much constantly for the last few months is the Galenco SOS Repair Balm from my November box. It's a Spanish product which I have worn down to nearly the end as you can see in the photos. This is so nourishing and in terms of colour, is white based but generally just adds a paler tone to the natural lip colour. I've found that this product is great for daily use and also protects against UVA and UVB rays. It contains aloe vera and cocoa butter to soften and moisturise. It lasts about 2 hours but is really good quality in the protection in gives in that shorter period. I managed to track it down to the Omega Pharma Spain website, here.
You may have also noticed from the pictures that I have straight hair, which is very unusual for me but I've had it re-highlighted and is a lot blonder on top which I've inconveniently cut out of the photos, so I am really happy as my whole look is brightened up! Whenever I go to the hairdressers, (Ciente in Berkhamsted) I always get it blow dried straight as it is incredibly long naturally, just above my hips, but it springs up when its curly, so in the meantime I can feel like a Tumblr girl for a few days...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Burberry Weekend for Women Perfume

      I received this perfume not too long ago as a belated Christmas present from my aunt, and have been wearing it a fair bit, but I have to say, I am much more in favour of the long term smell than the first impression it gives. In terms of the fragrance itself, there is a sharp citrus smell when first squirted which fades reasonably quickly to leave a base scent of sandlewood, cedar and musk, which I really love because they have such a warm, homey smell. I much prefer this calmer scent as it is very subtle and cosier than the original wave of citrus, which I think is a bit harsh and slightly reminds me of detergent. It lasts a fair few hours and although isn't one of those indestructible all day fragrances, I think it doesn't need to be! As it gradually fades, the undertones stay to give the base scent that gets lighter as it wears off.
     Packaging is always important in a perfume because however beautiful the smell is, no-one wants a cheap, tacky bottle on their dresser. I really think this bottle emulates the casual feel of the weekend, with the light yellow, sunny tint of the glass reflecting the light of the liquid and the cute white writing and plaid trim around the base. The spray is fairly standard but oh, do I love the lid! I think the Burberry horse and knight logo engraved onto the top, right in the centre, looks so slick and elegant with the matching Burberry title engraved around the edge.
     Weekend is available at different prices in different stores but Amazon is currently selling at £33.16 but The Perfume Shop is massively more expensive for the same 100ml product at £54.99! The 30ml version can also be purchased, if you prefer to switch up your scents more frequently.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Pop of Neon - Barry M Lipgloss

        Neon is back. No, calm down, it's crucial here not to go over the top! Just a pop of neon in an outfit, be it with the handbag or the shoes or in this case, the lips. This splash of vivid gloss is very girly, though slightly more vibrant without the flash on the camera. I'm not normally too keen on a very bright lip but I bought this jumper from H&M a few weeks ago, and with my pale skin it tends to wash me out so as well as wearing a dark bandeau underneath it, the added colour to the lips brightens up my face a bit more than the usual nude and pale glosses and balms.

        This lip gloss is Shade 5, Bubblegum Pink by Barry M. I found I had to apply quite a few layers to get a strong colour as it is quite a sheer gloss, however sticky it may be! The only other problem I have with Barry M glosses and some other brands actually is that they are very deceiving when it comes to packaging. Although this looks like a large tube it is an optical illusion, with a thick transparent casing around the actual product, meaning it only holds 2.5 ml when it could contain 3x that amount if it used a lot more of the width in the tube. Otherwise, a lovely, pretty lipgloss to add to the rather vast collection...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rihanna Street Style - Look For Less

Rihanna is one of the fiercest, stylish, most-papped celebrities around and thousands of women attempt to emulate her look all over the world. Here she is in one of her more respectable street looks, save the hole in the tights! Her accessories are simple, with the jumper and shorts showing a relaxed, summer vibe, though it must be chillier as she is covering up and wearing tights.
This outfit can be recreated from the high street for just £145.65 with clothes and accessories!

To go to the individual shops for each item click 'shop' below.
Jumper - Topshop (shop)
Shorts - Wanelo (shop)
Bangles - Accessorize (shop)
Handbag - River Island (shop)
Necklace - Kendra Phillip (shop)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Shine On Award

The other day, my lovely friend Tolly Dolly Posh (whose blog is amazing, check it out) nominated me for the Shine On Award which is similar to other tags I've done but basically a simple Q & A. Let the jollity begin!

 Blusher or Bronzer?
I'm more of a bronzer lover at the moment. Now, don't mistake that for assuming I go everywhere orange, I really don't, but I much more prefer being a darker shade of mmy skin tone on my cheekbones with bronzer than the more peachy tones which most blushes have. The bronzer I am currently using is the Collection 2000 Shimmering glow in 5 'Sunkissed'.

Honey or Chocolate?
Chocolate all the way! I do love proper comb honey; my mum and I actually have three beehives, but just plain chocolate without all the extra ingredients in the bars, is delicious. Milk or dark, cooking chocolate is beautiful anytime, anywhere.

David Beckham or Josh Hutcherson? 
Josh Hutcherson of course! David Beckham is good looking but I really don't like how many tattoos he has, and being married isn't the ideal candidate. Josh Hutcherson is gorgeous, only 5 years older than me and Katniss, good choice, girl! Though in the books I wanted her to pick Gale...

Vivienne Westwood or Coco Chanel?
A hard one! In terms of their fashion houses, probably Chanel; her elegance and style is still being reflected by Lagerfeld and her jackets will live on for eternity. However, I do admire Dame Viv and how she has influenced the fashion world, not many could make hundreds wear bin bags with safety pins in and get away with it in the name of fashion!

Fish fingers or Sushi?
Neither! I'm not too keen on fish, though cod and salmon I can deal with, and am a bit funny with my textures when it comes to food, with anything slimy being out so, sorry Japan, but its a no to the sushi from me. Fish fingers and also, scampi, now I come to think about it, just bring back memories of cold, pappy meals at days out so they wouldn't be top of my favourite foods list.

Name a film that makes you cry? 
Just one?! I have a top three film list and they all make me weep because I think for a film to make that much of an impact on you, you have to cry. 1) Titanic (all time favourite) 2. My Sister's Keeper. 3) Armageddon. Unlikely, I know, but at the end when Liv Tyler doesn't know whether her dad or her fiancee will make it back, oh, makes me sob every time.

Would you climb a mountain or shave your hair off for charity?
I suppose as a beauty and fashion blogger, I'm allowed to come across as vain in this instance, but I could never cut of all my hair, I love it too much! Although it springs up a bit when its curly, when it is wet or straightened it reaches my hips and the bottom of my back, so cutting it off would kill me! Also, I think doing sometime more physical would make me appreciate what I was achieving for charity so much more.

If you had to wear one item or clothing for a whole year what would it be and why?
Thinking practically here, if I wanted to keep some dignity for a year, I would have to be able to play around with the look so I think I would pick a beautiful fitted dress that would be designer, because if you're wearing it for a year, one splurge doesn't matter. This way I could dress it up and down and I could wear it in Winter or Summer. Good thinking, Lucy.

If you had to go and live with one fashion designer who would it be and why?
Probably Karl Lagerfeld because of the amazing influence he has in the industry and his dedication to Chanel and his own line. Also, to hear his opinions on everyone, which he so often gets slated for would be incredible to hear first hand!

What would you make if you were given : a plastic bag, a pair of curtains, a sofa cover, a pair of scissors and tape? 
One extremely ugly and dysfunctional life support machine...


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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Skinetica - Skin Clearing, Anti-Blemish Solution | Review

Skinetica 100ml Solution *

A couple of weeks ago the PR Team at Skinetica were kind enough to send me this bottle of their skin clearing solution and wow, does it work! At the time I was in the middle of an outbreak on my forehead and chin which probably wasn't being helped but being slathered in layers of foundation and powder to make it disappear to the public eye.This product was such a lifesaver and I'm happy to say,as a result is now a crucial part of my morning facial routine. 
It claims to sooth, calm and clear quickly without side effects and I can wholeheartedly say it did this! I have been applying it morning and night and it began working immediately, with a noticeable difference after just a day, taking down swelling and redness. By Day 3 it had tackled lots of the smaller spots and had stopped any soreness. After a week of twice-a-day application it had pretty much eradicated all my spots, leaving only a couple of bigger ones which were no longer swollen but still with blemishing. Although their are still some very small spots these are mainly not raising and by keeping them very flat on the surface they only require foundation or concealer to make them invisible once more. 
My first reaction to Skinetica was that it did sting on the first couple of days using it but I think this was purely down to the fact that some of the spots were open and the ethyl alcohol in it may have reacted with them for a few minutes but after they had began to disappear I didn't have any problems. 
Skinetica needs to be to put on a cotton pad and then applied to a dry face, clean of makeup or creams and moisturisers and then left to dry for a few moments. Make up can then be administered as normal and Skinetica will work its magic underneath it all.
I would definitely recommend this product which can be purchased for £9.99 RRP here.

*PR Sample