Monday, March 31, 2014

Make Up Brushes Deep Clean

      I haven't given my brushes the deep clean they deserve for a while now and I felt they needed a good wash to get them back to freshly bought quality again. I use BlenderCleanser which is designed for the BeautyBlender which I use on and off, but also make up brushes like the above. The top photos show them all fresh and cleaned and the one above shows just how bad my large stippling brush (it says it's kabuki but I tend to think of those as powder mushroom brushes) had become. I treated my four main brushes which I use most often : Ecotools flat foundation brush, Bobbi Brown foundation brush, Real Techniques stippling brush and my Ecotools Kabuki brush.
     The BlenderCleanser is a thick product which smells powerfully but I've become accustomed to it now. It is really effective to keep pouring on and gets right to the middle bristles which are hardest to reach and when combined with water shows you just how much excess foundation gets absorbed into the brush. I have vowed to deep cleanse more often as the brushes really benefit from the care and it is an incredibly satisfying feeling to line up white tipped brushes on a window sill to dry and feel as though you've just purchased a brand new set.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

March Alternative Music Playlist

Every month deserves it's own playlist and so far this month I've been getting back into the Arctic Monkeys' old albums, Whatever People Say I Am That Is What I Am Not and Favourite Worst Nightmare having moved on from February's love of Life Is Elsewhere by Little Comets. I feel this section of playlist is pretty upbeat for my music taste but please can you just appreciate these talented bands.

The Mighty Fall // Save Rock And Roll - Fall Out Boy

Mardy Bum // Whatever People Say I Am That Is What I Am Not - Arctic Monkeys

High For This // Trilogy - The Weeknd

Unbelievers // Modern Vampires of the City - Vampire Weekend

The Mother We Share // The Bones of What You Believe - CHVRCHES

Team // Pure Heroine - Lorde

Cemetery Gates // The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths

I Always Knew // Come Of Age // The Vaccines

King City // Where The Heaven Are We - Swim Deep

Modern Jesus // Evil Friends - Portugal. The Man

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Switzerland in the sun

The weekend before last I took a trip to Switzerland for a few days to spend some time with my mum who lives there in the week for work, to relax in the flat and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Zug, where she is based. I used to be a regular figure skater but since my scoliosis spine operation in June 2011, I haven't been back on the ice. Until we found a cute little rink round the corner from the flat that is. I couldn't believe it but as soon as I stepped on the ice I was off gliding like I used to and it showed me just how much I used to enjoy it and the talent I still have a little of. By the end of the session I was knackered and I still have cuts in my ankles from the strain of my boots now, but I was going backwards and trying jumps I hadn't done in three years! The picture shows me helping my sister Sophie, manoeuvre around the ice; a move which leads to a great sense of superiority but I think she managed to cope with the patronisation. I don't ski unlike my sister and dad but my mum and I walked up the hill we live on and took the train into Zurich to revisit the art gallery Kunsthaus which has some classics like Monets, Van Goghs and a huge collection of Giacometti alongside modern sculptures. I owe these amazing landscape photographs to my dad, whose photography skills I will always admire.
I am wearing my black coat from Zara, furry Christmas jumper and leggings from River Island, my classic 90's shoes from Office and new Urban Outfitters sunglasses, which are a twist from my usual big Tom Ford's but for £13 I wanted to try a new shape, which I am still undecided on.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid Foundation in NW13

My respect for M.A.C has heightened even further than I thought possible after following it's Fashion Week looks on social media, because now, at last, I am finally the owner of the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and I have to say I have never used a foundation that is quite so flawless. Previously, using high street brands such as Rimmel's Wake Me Up and Maybelline's Fit Me and even heading further upmarket with my sleek Bobbi Brown foundation, I have never found the ideal base, having to build up a lot with concealers and powders, leaving my face feeling caked to be honest. However, with M.A.C, I can rely on it not to wear off, or do a poor job of covering my spots and dark shadows and to build up the rest of my skin I only need a little concealer and a light covering of bronzer. I have seen reviews that it can cause break outs but I don't find my skin irritated much at all, although I make sure to moisturise well before applying otherwise my dryness starts to show as the day wears on.
I used my Eco Tools flat foundation brush to apply, which has been a favourite recently as I get bored of my Beauty Blender after a couple of months using it and have to swap it in and out with brushes as I just love the feel of painting onto skin.
This was £21.50, which is more expensive than your average high street brand but with such a flawless look I feel it was worth the money. I also only wear this at the weekends, opting for tinted moisturiser for school as it frees up my skin and I can justify the price as I don't feel I'm wasting such a beautiful product.
My shade is nearly the palest, NW13, but is my best match and doesn't leave an obvious colour difference from my face to my neck which I despise on anyone of any age with poor make up!
Finally, I have shown my face firstly with just the foundation on and no eye make up and then fully done up; this was a bit of a big step for me as having blonde eyelashes does not mean I go freely without make up. Ever. Out of my comfort zone is an interesting place.
I am wearing the Truly Madly Deeply Psychic Symbol Crop Top from Urban Outfitters.