Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lush Marilyn Hair Treatment

I was in Westfields a couple of weeks ago and I had to stock up on a bit of Lush; my sister goes all out on the bath bombs as a traditional Lushie but I love their hair, skin and makeup ranges as it is so interesting to try products like these, that are organically made. This Marilyn hair treatment is designed to lighten the hair without bleaching and dying. Now, I do get my hair dyed (the natural blonde didn't last long after about the age of nine) so I wanted to see if this worked as most ammonia free products of this sort produce very dubious results. The John Freida Go Blonder was such a disappointment in that respect.
The idea is to put this onto dry hair pre-wash and as the bubbly lady in the shop told me, your hair acts as a sponge when it is dry, absorbing all the product. An aside here : A* to Lush for customer service! Within two minutes of talking animatedly to me about this, I was sold. Anyway, you pile it up and leave it in to work it's magic and then shower off as usual. I've find this is quite inconvenient day to day, but perfect for a relaxing Sunday morning.
The best thing about it, though : it works. My hair has lightened up all over and I've only used it three times over the course of two weeks! I have black roots and I've noticed they've got considerably softer since using this and and much lighter to more of a brown. However I've been leaving this on for about three hours at a time so good results are from long time treatment. If you are a blonde in need of a boost, this is the product.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense Conditioner

Curly hair is a nightmare. If you argue against that then it's obvious you have hair like Cara Delevigne. Unsuccessful in finding any decent photos of my hair, I resorted to this selfie to show the extent of my curls and therefore why this Kerastase is so crucial. Since the age of about six, I've been using this as a conditioner every time I wash my hair and although it's billed as a mask which should be used purely as a treatment, it leaves my hair so soft and manageable that whilst my mum continues to pay for it, I will continue to use it as often as possible! It is a pricey £20 at the Gorgeous where I buy it but I only use a small amount per wash so I guess it lasts 2 months a pot? Combined with a Tangle Teezer it cuts down the time I have to spend tugging through my curls and the over all result is always a lot shinier and softer than with any other conditioner I have used including Aussie, John Frieda and Charles Worthington but for the odd occasion these three all work reasonably well on hair as tough as mine. I would recommend this for curly haired individuals like myself or as a nourishing treatment for anyone with dry or frizzy hair as it such a wonder product.