Monday, December 10, 2012

Body Shop Midnight Bakula Box

Firstly, before I review this lovely Body Shop box, I apologise for the lack of posts and the truth is I have been very busy with school work at the moment and I am going to Australia in three days time! I have also started up my blog's Twitter (@lucy_robertsx) and that's been great for getting to see other bloggers, so go check it out and follow! However, I will also be tweeting my friends and updating followers on my life so prepare yourself.
Now that's out of the way, onto this gorgeous box which one of my closest friends gave to me a few weeks ago for my birthday and I know it should just be about how glorious the product is and how great it works but really, in the image obsessed world which I am very much a part of, packaging matters! This lovely box really fits with the Arabic inspired products and now resides in my room holding my little bits-n-bobs. 
The gift box included a body butter, which I was so happy about because I love the Body Shop butters as they make your legs so soft, (however I did get one recently which although worked its wonders on my skin, smelt like neat Cif detergent, so I won't be using that on a night out again in a hurry!), a perfume, body wash and a normal washing sponge. They are all created with the same scent and use patchouli, rose and nectarine and after years of my mum using it think they all smell a lot like Christian Dior's Dune fragrance. The fragrance is very floral and sultry though only one or two squirts is required otherwise it can be quite an overpowering scent. I am very pleased with these and have literally used half the butter already; also I finally got round to taking so decent pictures again at the weekend because I've been battling with the Winter evenings for light at the moment but the camera is packed for Australia!