Thursday, March 06, 2014

Switzerland in the sun

The weekend before last I took a trip to Switzerland for a few days to spend some time with my mum who lives there in the week for work, to relax in the flat and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Zug, where she is based. I used to be a regular figure skater but since my scoliosis spine operation in June 2011, I haven't been back on the ice. Until we found a cute little rink round the corner from the flat that is. I couldn't believe it but as soon as I stepped on the ice I was off gliding like I used to and it showed me just how much I used to enjoy it and the talent I still have a little of. By the end of the session I was knackered and I still have cuts in my ankles from the strain of my boots now, but I was going backwards and trying jumps I hadn't done in three years! The picture shows me helping my sister Sophie, manoeuvre around the ice; a move which leads to a great sense of superiority but I think she managed to cope with the patronisation. I don't ski unlike my sister and dad but my mum and I walked up the hill we live on and took the train into Zurich to revisit the art gallery Kunsthaus which has some classics like Monets, Van Goghs and a huge collection of Giacometti alongside modern sculptures. I owe these amazing landscape photographs to my dad, whose photography skills I will always admire.
I am wearing my black coat from Zara, furry Christmas jumper and leggings from River Island, my classic 90's shoes from Office and new Urban Outfitters sunglasses, which are a twist from my usual big Tom Ford's but for £13 I wanted to try a new shape, which I am still undecided on.

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  1. the pictures are fun! very nice

    nice post...Greets Jon