Wednesday, August 01, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games

 Yes, I, Lucy Roberts can say that I have officially been to  the London 2012 Olympic Games! An incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience and all that but it was great to see an event that took place in the Olympic Park because the mere hour or so of sport is of course the highlight but I also went up the Orbit, watched the Park Live screening of the tennis and ate in one of the biggest McDonalds in Europe.
 (Left) is me looking somewhat groggy at 6:30 am on Monday morning eating a quality bacon sandwich at Rickmansworth Station before getting on the train to Finchley Road and from there through to Stratford. It was about half commuters and half Olympic spectators (trust me, you could tell the difference) on the tube which was obviously busy but I nevertheless got a seat; I put it down to a smile and sharp elbows but hey...

There was a cruel moment when we had to walk through the Westfields without pausing (well Cafe Nero doesn't count), past the Prada which is huge there btw and into the crowds which were flocking into the Park. Photos were deemed essential on every device and my dad skillfully hijacked an Olympic Volunteer to pose with me and his bright pink hand outside the queuing lines waiting to go through security (very airport like with added guys in uniform.)

 Our event was the Women's 200m freestyle heats, Men's 200m butterfly heats and Women's 200m IM. The Aquatics Centre was magnificent and we had fairly good seats with a clear view of the pool, the athletes and I hate to add fuel to this ongoing argument but the view of empty VIP seats opposite (right) in which only the far left section became filled with other athletes.

 The terrifyingly towering Orbit is a crazily impressive piece of architecture and its not until you're speeding up that lift with two tiny portholes in that your realise how high you really are going. However, the stomach churning ride paid off with the fabulous birds-eye view of the Olympic Park and London stretched out around. Tractors were spotted busily working on the Stadium, getting ready for the athletics to start next week. Note to all future Olympic spectators : at your event, only wave madly if a) you see a camera and b) you are holding a flag....