Sunday, October 27, 2013

Juju Jelly Shoes

I found these pictures from the summer and remembered just how much I love my Juju's! These were the only shoes I wore for pretty much the whole summer because I could wear them with absolutely anything and they were brilliant as a replacement for casual flipflops. In the evenings on holiday I could wear them with bodycon dresses and in the day they were perfect with shorts or summer dresses. At 5ft 8 already, heels are not only extremely impractical on a beach, but put another 4 inches on me and you get pre-growthspurt teenagers having a wail of a time talking up to me. I also weirdly like the plastic/rubber smell - it reminds me of being five for some reason. These are the Vicky style in Mega Glitter and I bought them in Office for £16 which I thought was very reasonable for such hard-wearing shoes which lasted me all summer without wearing out at all.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Skeleton Outfit

Shooting this post was brilliant; the Halloween spirit is in the air! I'm going as a skeleton girl in this dress from Amazon which I'm much more keen on now I've adapted it, but when I ordered it as a strapless dress I'd assumed it would have some ribbing inside or at the very least some structure to keep it up but I just got some material with those tacky transparent plastic straps. I sewed on some thin black straps to hold it up and then decided to wear it with my black, furry Topshop coat and spiked heels from New Look.
The makeup ended up with a more catty look with the flicked eyes but I love the intensity of the look and a lot of black eye shadow, kohl and liquid liner was used as well as grey shadow and white eyeliner with my usual skin base but much darker eyebrows to define the face even more.

Makeup :
SKIN : Wake Me Up Foundation - Rimmel / Wake Me Up Concealer - Rimmel / Dream Terra Sun Bronzer - Maybelline / Expert Foundation Brush - Real Techniques / Stippling Brush - Real Techniques / Kabuki Brush
EYES : Grey and Black Eyeshadow - Colourbox / Pump Up Booster 24hr Eyeliner - Miss Sporty / Liquid Liner - Barry M / Bold Black Kohl Eyeliner - Barry M / White Eyeliner Pencil - Natural Collection / Cat Eyes Mascara - Maybelline
EYEBROWS : Black Eyeshadow - Colourbox / Eyebrow Brush - Bobbi Brown

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nina Nesbitt - Look For Less

Nina Nesbitt, along with being an amazing singer, (Boy is a particular favourite of mine), has classic girl next door beauty with that cheeky grin and an  incredible 90s grunge style with a twist of festival glam with this headband.
I recreated this simple outfit from the high street for £68.04.

Jumper -
Swing Skirt -
Headband -
Converse -

Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder

Now, I'm not totally sure about this bronzer at all. The word that comes to mind is discoball. For a face. The swatch shows this slightly but this is insanely glittery and is loaded up with a hell of a lot of glitter. However, the one I tried in the shop was less so, so I don't know if I just a powerful applicator or what but when using my one, I give the lightest of dusting across the cheekbones and temples. I love the brush; the powder is in the tube and then by touching the brush to your face it comes out, though fast! If you do it too hard actual clouds of glittery powder will billow off it. You have been warned.
It's £16, which I think is quite pricey for a bronzer but the glow does last all day and it doesn't sink into my pores as much as Rimmel and Maybelline ones have done. So, bearing in mind the excessive shimmer I think this is much more of a winter product because the light won't reflect in such extremes and if you're as pale as me then a bit of bronze is very necessary.