Thursday, January 02, 2014

Morocco Goodies

 Happy New Year!
Recently I went to Morocco with my school to visit the Education For All Morocco charity that we've been fundraising (but more about that in another post) and whilst in Marrakech we stopped in at this pharmacy, Epices Ibno Baytar full of spices, creams and oils. A couple of guys gave us a demonstration of all their products which at the time seemed a lot of effort for them but afterwards they offered each product out really systematically and between our group of 20 it was worth the extra endeavour.
So I bought three lip balms which happen to be called herpes cream I DO NOT HAVE HERPES. The bottom photo shows me in the background of the shot that was put on facebook by my best friend with the caption 'found Lucy's medicine.' That was certainly the highlight of Monday, reassuring my friends that I do not have an STD.
I also purchased this brightly coloured exfoliater which is a lot softer that some scrubs and an anti-spot cream that is very similar to Vaseline and absolutely brilliant! Unlike most anti-blemish products that dry out the spots this acts as more of a moisturiser and I put it on before bed and it calms down my face whilst keeping it hydrated. The black seeds are nigella seeds which are sniffed through cloth to clear blocked noses and calm headaches. This was at the point of Nigella Lawson's drug court case which seemed a little too apt for these seeds which we were sniffing like baby druggies.

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