Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby Lips - Hydrate, Cherry Me, Cherry Velvet

I am fully aware that Baby Lips are by no means a new trend and I have been building my collection for a while. Sadly this little lot did include the green 'Mint Fresh' one (lost to the wilds of handbag clutter probably) which while I'm here I would definitely recommend as it has just the right level of mint so it is more reminiscent of mint choc chic ice cream than overpowering gum. 
These three here are the classic blue 'Hydrate', which I use everyday for a basic balm, the tinted 'Cherry Me' which is a subtle red and more like a lipstick than balm, and this 'Cherry Velvet' which doesn't share the same packaging as the others and to be honest I have no idea where it came from.
The Hydrate has a great plumping look too and although does not have a particular colour associated with it, leaves a pale base which is fractionally whiter than the lip shade. This is really moisturising and needs to be topped up every few hours, but I am finding this really necessary for winter and the dry chapped lips situation.
Cherry Me isn't too strong a colour, though a faded red I would say, that looks like a lipstick but much less matte and precise. The only thing about the tinted Baby Lips is that if your lips are exceptionally dry, the colour will obviously not flatter the chapped bits and flaky is not where you want to be! 
The Cherry Velvet I would not say is anything particularly special and although it has the Baby Lips name to it, strikes me as a much more standard balm and isn't as moisturising and glossy as the others. Maybe I'm just living up to my stereotype though and finding fault because it's packaging isn't as pretty...
Even if you just have one, a winter essential. That is if you can't get your hands on an EOS of course.

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