Friday, July 19, 2013

July Birchbox - Jet Set Edition

Since November I've been receiving my monthly beauty boxes from Birchbox with five beauty samples and a lifestyle extra in the little pink packages and this month's edition is a Jet Set collection for July. Filled with handy products for the summer, the July box is mainly focused on keeping skin in flawless (well, there abouts) condition with the wear and tear of heat, sand and sun not wreaking to much havoc on our delicate skin. This came in the post yesterday so I have not as yet had a chance to try any of the products but the ones that stand out I will review later on in the month. 
The headlining product in the box is the 'Creme De Jour Protectrice' from Blanc Cachemire, a miracle moisturiser which is quite obviously French and is £54.75 full size so I will see if it lives up to its price which seems a little steep for a daily essential product.
I want to try out the Body Lotion from Dead Sea Spa Magik soon as well because I used this brand's cleanser for ages before I came across the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and that was very good for my skin. However, I do think body lotion is one of those essentials that for summer you just need a large tub of, whatever the quality of the product.
The InStain Blush looks fairly interesting as it is minuscule (about a 1.5 cm square of the product) but it swatches very heavily so I'm slightly nervous about putting this on my cheeks as it is very vibrantly orange toned!
What looks like my favourite product of the box is the Fluide Fraicheur Phyto-Hydrant by Carole Franck which besides the complicated name looks like a very good primer and is a decent 10ml sample. It's a lot more liquidy than my current primer (I suppose that would be the 'fluide' bit) and has the texture of a moisturiser so I'm very keen to try it!
The hand cream by Nougat London, I'll be honest isn't the most thrilling product. I can't judge because I haven't tried it yet but it seems pretty standard though I'll admit it does smell incredible.
Oh, Birchbox, why do you insist on these Lifestyle Extra products. So far, I've been overwhelmed by strange cultural tea and remedies and this month I've got Chia Shots which are supposedly mixed into anything to 'improve overall health and wellbeing' by packing a load of vitamins and minerals into your diet. I shall try.

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