Wednesday, September 11, 2013

17 Blemish Balm - Light

When I saw this Blemish Balm in Boots, the first thing that grabbed me was 'Helps Improve Skin Condition' because let's be honest no girl will ever stop searching for a high street miracle product that does that. Sadly, as with most cheaper products that promise this, the quality of my skin did not improve by using this for a couple of weeks, in that it did not 'minimise pores' or noticeably stop breakouts. I didn't have incredibly bad breakouts as my skin isn't normally prone to that anyway but it didn't do anything to budge the normal small clusters of spots.
The other criticism I have of this is that it only comes in three shades, Light being the palest of them and it's still so dark; I had to stop using it purely because of its orangeness! This was even after holiday with a tan and I'm certainly not the palest person so I was slightly disappointed with that. While I'm on a roll, it didn't have great coverage and any spots were still very clear through it, so concealer was required anyway even though this is supposed to be the only summer skin makeup necessity.
Not my favourite product but nowhere near as heavy as foundation with powder so for a bit of colour I would recommend for a good-skin-day but don't even bother if you are pale, might as well just wear only cover up if you are looking for lighter makeup for your skin.

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