Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mask of Magnaminty

     Before you go ahead and judge, it's not as bad as it looks in the pot : honest. There are so many Lush lovers out there and I am quickly becoming one of the them. Lush has always struck me as an indulgence brand with its crazy soaps and bath bombs being  slightly unnecessary for me as a shower person and baths make me feel guilty that I could be something more productive in that time (faintly ridiculous as I waste so much time on other less relaxing activities...yes, Twitter that was aimed at you). So I was thrilled when in the Brent Cross Lush shop I came across all these products for skin that had the great Lush ingredients but that I can use regularly!
     The Mask of Magnaminty does live up to its name : it is very minty. Looking at the pot though, I have found it also contains honey, evening primrose seeds, peppermint oil and vanilla absolute. However, it's minty in a refreshingly nice way and makes me think of the Elizabeth Shaw chocolates in hotels. It has quite a lumpy consistency as you can see but once it's on the face it dries smooth in a matter of minutes and is ready to come off in 5 minutes. The pot says 5 - 10 but I've found if it's left on for more than 7 my face cries at me to get some water on it before it falls apart!
     Although most face masks' aim is merely to give a deep cleanse of the skin and improve the balance of oils on the face, this Mask is designed to tackle spots, which as a teenager is the thing I like least about my face. I have used this three times over the course of a week and the majority of my spots have gone with all redness abated, though a few little under-the-skin spots remain to be tackled. This is really helping my skin and will be essential for keeping my face in good condition this summer.