Sunday, July 14, 2013

Topshop Eye Crayon in Gold Digger

     Firstly, wow. I consider Topshop to be one of those High Street brands that is amazing quality but generally at the pricey end of non-designer shops, so when I picked up this eye crayon for just £6.50 I was a very happy bunny. I don't wear eye shadows regularly preferring a very black eye - I do not leave the house without some sort of eyeliner on - but I love these coloured pencils because they add a pop of colour to the eye, brightening it and they are so simple to use. 
     For everyday use, I'll sweep this pencil from the inside corner to about half way across my lid and then carry the flick on over the top with my usual black gel liner. If its a more glam occasion then I'll use it all over as a block colour base or all the way across the bottom of my eye underneath the water line. 
     The gold digger is a very metallic colour and looks almost like foil on the skin. Its lasts for most of the day but it does wear throughout as the pigment isn't the strongest. One thing I would look out for though; its a pencil, therefore it requires a sharpener. However, your average kohl sharpener will not do the job as this crayon is a lot thicker than normal pencils. Topshop sell one for £3 which stupid Lucy is now going to have to purchase...


  1. I never really wear eyeliners for everyday but this looks really nice! x

    1. Thank you - I think this makes a good statement night look too xx

  2. I don't wear eyeliner but I love the look xx