Saturday, November 03, 2012

Furry Leather Converse Boots

My newest shoe purchase, the Converse furry, lace up, boots! They are from Converse's new Suede and Leather collection and are such great boots! I wouldn't consider them my usual style but my mother decided I needed another pair of flats (apparently, the new Brogues and Creepers weren't acceptable because ''you can't wear proper socks with them'' - yes, really) so a power shop at Office yielded these lovely, practical and warm boots. 
I've had a pair of the of the normal Converse before but having narrow, size 7 feet, the solid colour style always made my feet look really long and didn't really do a lot for me. So, my original pair were patterned. Red and white kind of check patterned with strawberries and watermelons on (think less three year old, more retro, they were nicer than they sound) and this seemingly solved the problem but I've never been a big trainer lover. Especially normal sports trainers, so when I was told I could only wear trainers by the school for my week-long trip to Italy I bought these patterned Converse, which did the job and have been used since, but effectively got trashed with the dust, dirt and general grime that Rome and Sorrento bring to shoes.  

So here they are : warm, comfortable and with lots of furry flaps, laces and button holes it brokeup the shape, making my feet look great! Also, a complete family of strangers came up to me in Thorpe Park to tell me they liked them. Isn't that sweet?


  1. I love those I have never seen anyone wearing them yet!
    P.S Enter my Get Gorgeous Giveaway!

    1. Thank you - yeah, they have the converse quality but they are so original! I have entered - wish me luck xx

  2. These looks so cosy! I need a pair haha. Great post xx

  3. omg those are awesome. I want a pair.

  4. They are precious!Love Converse! :) Followed you,lovely girly blog! :)