Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Barry M and Ted Baker Presents

This weekend one of my friends is hosting a party and I do love giving makeup as a present because it looks lovely and its a present which you can actually use as oppose to a what I would call 'Temptations present', a sparkly box, jar or room decoration which looks great, goes on your shelf and is never as well appreciated as sometime which you get a little bit of joy from!
So, as you can see, my friend is receiving this Ted Baker shower gel and eau de toilette which I know will smell gorgeous as I actual have the perfume from another TB set. I thought this was a great reduction in Debenhams going for a mere £5 for Ted Baker and leaves a little room for a few little presents on top! Now another good brand bargain, Barry M were doing a 2 for 1 or half price or something with this Lash Modelling Mascara which I think has great packaging in a lovely vibrant lilac and gloss. This Glossy Tube looks very pink and sickly but they tend to come out quite sheer so it gives a gloss to the lips with a good tint, however this is just from other Barry M products as I have obviously not opened these as they are not for me...shame.


  1. Hey gorgeous, I am currently having a giveaway over on my blog at the moment, I would love for you to check it out :)
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  2. I love Barry M, haven't tried their mascara though, have you? Is it any good?

  3. Barry m is my fave, the nail polishes are amazing, great picks :)