Friday, March 15, 2013

Shine On Award

The other day, my lovely friend Tolly Dolly Posh (whose blog is amazing, check it out) nominated me for the Shine On Award which is similar to other tags I've done but basically a simple Q & A. Let the jollity begin!

 Blusher or Bronzer?
I'm more of a bronzer lover at the moment. Now, don't mistake that for assuming I go everywhere orange, I really don't, but I much more prefer being a darker shade of mmy skin tone on my cheekbones with bronzer than the more peachy tones which most blushes have. The bronzer I am currently using is the Collection 2000 Shimmering glow in 5 'Sunkissed'.

Honey or Chocolate?
Chocolate all the way! I do love proper comb honey; my mum and I actually have three beehives, but just plain chocolate without all the extra ingredients in the bars, is delicious. Milk or dark, cooking chocolate is beautiful anytime, anywhere.

David Beckham or Josh Hutcherson? 
Josh Hutcherson of course! David Beckham is good looking but I really don't like how many tattoos he has, and being married isn't the ideal candidate. Josh Hutcherson is gorgeous, only 5 years older than me and Katniss, good choice, girl! Though in the books I wanted her to pick Gale...

Vivienne Westwood or Coco Chanel?
A hard one! In terms of their fashion houses, probably Chanel; her elegance and style is still being reflected by Lagerfeld and her jackets will live on for eternity. However, I do admire Dame Viv and how she has influenced the fashion world, not many could make hundreds wear bin bags with safety pins in and get away with it in the name of fashion!

Fish fingers or Sushi?
Neither! I'm not too keen on fish, though cod and salmon I can deal with, and am a bit funny with my textures when it comes to food, with anything slimy being out so, sorry Japan, but its a no to the sushi from me. Fish fingers and also, scampi, now I come to think about it, just bring back memories of cold, pappy meals at days out so they wouldn't be top of my favourite foods list.

Name a film that makes you cry? 
Just one?! I have a top three film list and they all make me weep because I think for a film to make that much of an impact on you, you have to cry. 1) Titanic (all time favourite) 2. My Sister's Keeper. 3) Armageddon. Unlikely, I know, but at the end when Liv Tyler doesn't know whether her dad or her fiancee will make it back, oh, makes me sob every time.

Would you climb a mountain or shave your hair off for charity?
I suppose as a beauty and fashion blogger, I'm allowed to come across as vain in this instance, but I could never cut of all my hair, I love it too much! Although it springs up a bit when its curly, when it is wet or straightened it reaches my hips and the bottom of my back, so cutting it off would kill me! Also, I think doing sometime more physical would make me appreciate what I was achieving for charity so much more.

If you had to wear one item or clothing for a whole year what would it be and why?
Thinking practically here, if I wanted to keep some dignity for a year, I would have to be able to play around with the look so I think I would pick a beautiful fitted dress that would be designer, because if you're wearing it for a year, one splurge doesn't matter. This way I could dress it up and down and I could wear it in Winter or Summer. Good thinking, Lucy.

If you had to go and live with one fashion designer who would it be and why?
Probably Karl Lagerfeld because of the amazing influence he has in the industry and his dedication to Chanel and his own line. Also, to hear his opinions on everyone, which he so often gets slated for would be incredible to hear first hand!

What would you make if you were given : a plastic bag, a pair of curtains, a sofa cover, a pair of scissors and tape? 
One extremely ugly and dysfunctional life support machine...


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  1. I'm a brozer girl too :) Congratulations on the award!
    .Georgina Clare.

  2. Thanks for the tag, its fab! So do I do your questions as well as the questions you answered or just your questions? xx

    1. Just the ones I asked - think it would be too long a post if you did 20 xx

  3. Loved reading this, so nice to get to know bloggers a little bit more. Although I have to totally disagree with the David / Josh. Beckham is heaven in man form, I doubt I'd find him anywhere near as attractive without the tattoos! My sisters keeper makes me ball my eyes out too! x

    1. Well we won't fight over them at least then! I know, such a sad film, though I weep at so many...x