Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Burberry Weekend for Women Perfume

      I received this perfume not too long ago as a belated Christmas present from my aunt, and have been wearing it a fair bit, but I have to say, I am much more in favour of the long term smell than the first impression it gives. In terms of the fragrance itself, there is a sharp citrus smell when first squirted which fades reasonably quickly to leave a base scent of sandlewood, cedar and musk, which I really love because they have such a warm, homey smell. I much prefer this calmer scent as it is very subtle and cosier than the original wave of citrus, which I think is a bit harsh and slightly reminds me of detergent. It lasts a fair few hours and although isn't one of those indestructible all day fragrances, I think it doesn't need to be! As it gradually fades, the undertones stay to give the base scent that gets lighter as it wears off.
     Packaging is always important in a perfume because however beautiful the smell is, no-one wants a cheap, tacky bottle on their dresser. I really think this bottle emulates the casual feel of the weekend, with the light yellow, sunny tint of the glass reflecting the light of the liquid and the cute white writing and plaid trim around the base. The spray is fairly standard but oh, do I love the lid! I think the Burberry horse and knight logo engraved onto the top, right in the centre, looks so slick and elegant with the matching Burberry title engraved around the edge.
     Weekend is available at different prices in different stores but Amazon is currently selling at £33.16 but The Perfume Shop is massively more expensive for the same 100ml product at £54.99! The 30ml version can also be purchased, if you prefer to switch up your scents more frequently.


  1. This perfume I like the smell of, but on my skin it smells really horrible xx


  2. I agree I think its quite woody and nice in the air around but up close it is a little detergent-like xx

  3. great review and the pictures are beautiful! xx

  4. I had this perfume years ago, it always reminds me of my school days when I smell it. I used to love it!! Brilliant review xxx