Sunday, October 27, 2013

Juju Jelly Shoes

I found these pictures from the summer and remembered just how much I love my Juju's! These were the only shoes I wore for pretty much the whole summer because I could wear them with absolutely anything and they were brilliant as a replacement for casual flipflops. In the evenings on holiday I could wear them with bodycon dresses and in the day they were perfect with shorts or summer dresses. At 5ft 8 already, heels are not only extremely impractical on a beach, but put another 4 inches on me and you get pre-growthspurt teenagers having a wail of a time talking up to me. I also weirdly like the plastic/rubber smell - it reminds me of being five for some reason. These are the Vicky style in Mega Glitter and I bought them in Office for £16 which I thought was very reasonable for such hard-wearing shoes which lasted me all summer without wearing out at all.