Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Price Compare - Gold on Black Metal Toe Cap Heels

Dorothy Perkins £25
NOW £17.50

Matalan £10

ASOS £45
Bloomingdales £150
NOW £112.84

metal toe cap shoes-black balmoral double toe cap court shoe
Dune £90

VC Signature 'Priscilla' Pump
Nordstrom £140.29
Yves Saint Laurent 
Yves Saint Laurent £720

Alice + Olivia £202.64
Valentino £465

 A trend which is very popular in shoes this season is metal toe caps on neutral heels. Although they come in lots of different varieties as with any trend, my favourite is the gold on black suede look, though I love the snakeskin pair by Alice and Olivia above. Here I compared the price from Matalan's cheapest (£10, what a bargain!) to the gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent pair, a whopping £720! Out of these featured, the ones I would choose have got to be (realistically) the Dune pair because they are just so elegant which I love because I have very narrow feet but the detailing around the cap makes them that bit more unique and special. However if price was irrelevant the studded Valentino ones are gorgeous and the slight platform breaks up the cap from the suede. A definite must have style for winter! 


  1. The matalan ones are such a steal xxx

    1. Definitely! I'm sure Primark must also do some bargain ones but not having a website, I couldn't reference them xxx

  2. Whilst those Matalan ones are far more in my price range, those Valentino shoes are such a lust item (if only I had the wallet to match!) xx

    1. I agree - though I actually think for such a cheap price they look scarily close to the ASOS ones, however the quality may not be great! xx

  3. I really like this idea for a post! There is nothing worse than buying something then finding out there is a dupe for half the price.
    I'd love you to check out my blog too xx

    1. Thankyou - it was a bit of a change for a post but I loved researching this trend and the results have come out great visually! Will do xx

  4. I love the Dune pair! Especially the little pattern piece above the gold cap! :) x