Thursday, June 06, 2013

Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer | Review

In recent months I haven't found concealer to be a great part of my daily routine as foundation with powder and bronzer has been doing me fine but for one reason or another I can tell my skin has become slightly less clear and just needs an extra touch of something which basic foundation coverage doesn't help. Cue the MaxFactor Mastertouch Under Eye Concealer! I've been using this not just for dark circles but on spots, blemishes and particularly the scar on my chin which I am a little self conscious about. Little touch ups are all I need in the morning but I find carrying this in a pocket in the day just to give my complexion a boost and more radiance, especially in the afternoon when I look most tired. 
However, I did find that the applicator, while very soft and easy to use by cranking up tiny doses of liquid through the pen, was not great at blending, which I have to do by stippling with my fingers to get a good coverage. 
Having pale skin I use 'Ivory 303' which is a fraction of a shade lighter than my base of 'Ivory' Wake Me Up foundation by Rimmel, so using it in small quantities seems to be the best use for me so it doesn't look patchy. I picked this up for just £6.68 (oh how I do love high street make up) and you can purchase it here.

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