Wednesday, May 08, 2013

OPS! Pois Bracelet

     This bracelet is a new addition to my collection and I have to say it is cute. I don't use the word cute too much, it's a little soft for me, but I feel it embodies this purple, chunky, statement bracelet. OPS Objects' Bruni Oltremare contacted me ages to see if I would be interested in featuring this and I have to apologise for the slow response (exam time is upon us again). Their website is filled with lots of collections in this friendly bold style including earrings, necklaces, rings and watches. Most of these products are made of this light silicone which is easy to slip on and adds a playful look to an outfit.
     I would suggest either thoroughly loading up lots of bracelets with this or just having it swinging on its own as the charms with the engravings on are quite big and hang down the wrist. What I also love about this is it's infused with strawberry scent, which brings back memories of scented pencils and days out when I was younger. I would recommend checking them out here or follow @brunioltremare on Twitter. She's lovely and sent my the bracelet that matched my blog colour scheme.

Ops Pois Bracelet*
*PR Sample


  1. I really like this xx

  2. So cute, it looks so cartoony! xo