Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In Situ Skincare Samples

     I found innovative skincare brand In Situ Cosmetics on Twitter a while ago and have since ordered these free samples to see if the products are as good as their company's ethos. In Situ has been established since April 2012 and their USP is that all of their products are made at time of sale because their aim is to combat the on-shelf products that are on average 12 months old by the time they are purchased. This is a problem which results the ingredients of said products, however wonderful they are on the packaging, will have lost a lot of their potency by the time they are actually used. Also, In Situ believes that all skin is unique and although most brands categorise their skincare into dry, combination, normal and oily, this company has gone the extra mile and every product is personalised to the buyers specific needs. You can receive these samples at the In Situ website here.
     I took advantage of the Eye Cream, Face Balm, Exfoliating Body Wash and Body Butter, which were all customised to suit me with four different choices for each! These were sent out to me a few days after and I was surprised that they arrived at the same time any normal online purchase would be without having to wait a long time for the products to be specialised. I loved the little box they came in, all tucked up in their straw and ribbon.

     My opinions varied on these samples as I really liked the eye cream and scrub but I wasn't too keen on the body butter or face balm. The eye cream was designed to reduce dark circles, to be used at night and to give a balancing and calming effect on my mood. I was really impressed with this, as after a few days of daily application I could see a noticeable difference under my eyes which brightened my face. However, I found this quite a short term product but after leaving it for a brief period and coming back to it, the magic worked well again. I must advocate though that although this is a great product, the absolute best way to rid dark circles is to get to bed earlier!
     My arms tend to build up dry skin which is a bit bumpy and really benefits from a good body scrub. This helped me a lot and left my arms feeling so much smoother afterwards. What I love about this is the smell, which is frankly divine. Honey and vanilla is the scent which is really invigorating in the morning and does stay after the scrub is washed off. It is supposed to give radiance and luminosity but I can't say I have noticed much of a difference in this department but can arms really be radiant?

     However, I was not too impressed by the body butter as I usually use variations of this product on my legs but I thought the coverage wasn't great and that it would be much better rebranded as a hand cream or butter as I found it was better on small scale because it was not as moisturising as I had hoped.
     The face balm aswell, which although was perfectly adequate, was not right for me. I thought it smelt quite sterile, it didn't sink in well and felt quite heavy on my face but maybe that's because I am more suited to a light moisturiser than a balm. I'll put foundation on over this most mornings and this felt like an extra layer underneath that I didn't need.

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